Silver Pack 2 LinkedIn Organic Lead Generation Service Agreement

Condition of purchasing the LinkedIn Organic Lead Generation Service

Silver Pack 2

(the “Services”) which is designed to help you scale your networking and marketing on LinkedIn and generally includes the following features and benefits:

  • We build a solid foundation for your network expansion by doing a LinkedIn Profile Makeover with your input re design your profile making it an optimized sales funnel.
  • We manually (no software) build a custom “Advanced Search” inside LinkedIn that targets your ideal customers. We will also adjust your targeted search as needed to fine tune your results at any time, as well as create new searches as needed in the future. [Note: We require you to have LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator premium service.]
  • We will send (on average) up to 75 targeted new connection invites per day 5 days a week (except public holidays) for your account using a custom message built by our expert team in collaboration with you. These invites are made periodically throughout the month, always staying under recommended LinkedIn activity thresholds. While we cannot guarantee how many targeted prospects will connect with you, we can guarantee that we will send at least 75 connection invites per day.
  • Using our advanced targeting and custom messaging approach, by a team member visiting each potential prospect profile making sure that they fit your targeting criteria, you can expect several hundred targeted prospects to accept your connection requests each month. At the start of our campaign our average invite acceptance rate is approximately 10-15%, it will grow in the weeks and months to follow.
  • We will send a custom ‘Thanks for Connecting’ message in response to the connection invite itself. This message will be designed to engage your new networking contact in a conversation about your product or service – just like if you had met them at a real networking event.
  • You understand and agree that you will remain solely responsible for interacting with (and closing) all the ‘Hot” and ‘Warm’ leads tracked inside of LinkedIn and of course answering all calls, emails and meetings booked on your online calendar. This is a virtual networking service designed to target and enable you to rapidly prospect hundreds of leads each month.

Your Silver Pack 2 program cost is $597.00 for the first month and $597.00 for each month thereafter until cancelled after the 90-day (3 billing months) minimum. This is a discount of $100 off our normal retail cost for these services. If you cancel prior to the end of the 3 months billing period, you agree to allow us to bill and collect from you and additional $100 per month for the number of months we provided your service at the discounted $597.00 rate.

Customer Agreement


  1. DEFINITION OF A LEAD: LinkedIn is a B2B networking website that is not affiliated with the Services or the Company. Leads generated by the Services are defined as people who connect with, message or otherwise network with you through the LinkedIn website during the time while Services are being provided, whether they are ultimately determined by you to be interested or not interested in your product or services. These leads create a valuable marketing list to which you may market your product or services forever.
  2. BILLING ENTITY: You are being billed by Biz Buzz Solutions Ltd (“Company”), the parent company which provides the Done for You Leads service.
  3. KNOWLEDGE OF LINKEDIN TERMS AND CONDITIONS: That you have read and understand the LinkedIn terms and conditions as presented by LinkedIn at this web address or any web address they may choose now or in the future > and further that you understand these terms and conditions as they relate to the services provided by us.
  4. LINKEDIN ACCOUNT ACCESS: That you grant permission to Company and all its assigns, employees and contractors to access your LinkedIn account(s) in order to provide the Services, you have purchased until canceled.
  5. MINIMUM PAYMENT TERM: That you will/have pay/paid for and allow us to complete the minimum term of Service that you agreed to at the point of sale which is Three (3) Months.
  6. NO REFUNDS POLICY: That you are paying for the Services in advance and you will not request, nor will you be granted any refund for Services rendered.
  7. CANCELLATION POLICY: You may cancel the Services only after completing your minimum commitment term which is Three (3) Months by contacting company 7 days before the end of the 3rd month Restricting Company access to your LinkedIn account by changing your password or other means will not change your minimum commitment term even though it restricts our ability to render Services as agreed.
  8. PROMOTIONAL SERVICES POLICY: You are being provided Services which normally have added cost above your payment. If you elect to continue these Services beyond the promotional period, there may added costs and require additional payment from you to continue Services.
  9. DEFINITION OF SERVICES: The services basically involve the Company accessing your LinkedIn account and performing a variety of activities on your behalf designed to get targeted members of the LinkedIn community to connect and network with you for the ultimate purpose of furthering your personal and/or business goals. Targeting is subject to the performance of the LinkedIn database and software and subject to any omissions or inaccuracies related to members supplied profile information. Services may also include emailing certain LinkedIn members who have connected with you for the further purpose of networking and furthering your personal and/or business goals.
  10. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: You additionally agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions as written at now and in the future.
  11. USE OF PAYMENT METHOD OTHER THAN YOUR OWN: If you have used a credit card, debit card, PayPal or any other form of payment (for the Done for You Leads service) that is owned by another person, Company, partner or entity, that you have fully informed that person of this purchase and they are governed by this Agreement as signified by their signature at the end of this Agreement. You also verify that they will not claim no knowledge of this purchase or its purpose and will not report this charge as fraudulent in the future.

I hereby verify that I, along with any person who may have agreed to allow me to use their credit or debit card or other payment form, have read, understand and (both) agree to be bound by the above Terms and Conditions as written herein.

*We are a GDPR Compliant Company

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